HHSN: Exposed


HHSN: Exposed
2018. Hot House Video
Directed by Trenton Ducati
Starring: Roman Todd, Michael DelRay, Jackson Traynor, Aston Springs, Devin Franco, Dante Colle, Brandon Evans,
Justin Matthews and Manuel Skye

   We are HHSN which is the Hot House Sports Network and we get to watch Michael DelRay and Jackson Traynor during
a photo shoot and [shock] yes, they lose what little clothes they started with. Well, the guys are very playful and DelRay is the
first to start sucking dick, but the guys take turns but it’s DelRay with Traynor’s thick curved dick up his ass. For our next
photo shoot, we have a very sexy Roman Todd [those nips] and (where have you been all my life) Aston Springs. Springs
starts on his knees sucking on some really nice meat of Todd. Let’s talk: Springs has a really nice ass so when Todd starts
munching on it you might cum a little or at least wish it was you and, part two, Todd really likes playing with Springs’ ass
and gave me a chubby; this is some really hot ass eating. It’s no shock when Springs sits on Todd’s dick. Just be thankful
you get to watch. When Devin Franco’s photo shoot is delayed, he goes to Manuel Skye’s [woof Daddy] office and after getting
bored, starts playing with himself. What is Skye to do? Play along of course and Skye truly enjoys playing with Franco’s fuzzy
butt and that leads to Skye pounding Franco’s ass. Franco finally has his photo shoot and it’s with Dante Colle. In between a
shoot, the guys get busy and Colle gets Franco naked so he can suck on his dick. We see some hot ass eating with Franco on a
ladder before he comes down to get fucked. The last photo shoot is with Justin Matthews and Brandon Evans and its a boxing
shoot because they are butch. These two guys take turns sucking and fucking each other and I recommend you watch them
because it’s hot. They really seemed to like fucking each other.

 3.85 Stars!