Gutter Punks


Gutter Punks
2015. Hot House Video

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Colt Rivers, Darius Ferdynand, Drake Shooter, Hunter Marx, Nick Sterling, Ryan Rose, Tyler Wolf.
Reviewed by Seth Magnum

    Overview: Toned bad boys and tagging…with spray paint and cocks. Something about “punks” gets me going…hard.
You’ll get plenty of grittiness with these gutter boys…the perfect combination (for me, anyhow, and you, right?) to get me
off time and again.
    Highlights: Ryan Rose and Darius Ferdynand swap blowjobs before Ryan dives tongue first into Darius’s perfectly muscled
ass. Darius takes a pounding and unleashes a tidal wave of cum which Ryan collects and rubs onto his own cock to use as
lube as he keeps fucking Darius. That is goddamn hot! Darius gets a facial from Ryan and the two make out sharing Ryan’s
cum between them. The sucking, rimming, and fucking continue with Nick Sterling and Tyler Wolf…and a ladder! The two
flip flop until their fluids fly. Hunter Marx gives Drake Shooter a rimming and fucking he’s clearly earned. Colt Rivers rides
Ryan Rose like I haven’t seen anyone ride in a long time (and I watch a LOT of “riding”). Colt gives a stellar performance
backwards and frontwards. Talk about a man that knows how to take a dick. Phew…
    My take: I dig the whole punk scene. “Bad” boys have always intrigued me…like it’ll be just a tad rougher, raunchier, dirtier,
riskier, etc. than the norm. If you dig that too, you’ll get your fill here…and get off time and again (at least I did). The 3 bonus
scenes provide some added grit.

 3.5 Stars!