Greece My Hole


Greece My Hole
2012 Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Chris Crisco and Adam KIllian
Starring: Adrian Long, Miles Racer, Edji De Silva, Tony Axel, Adam Killian, Jessy Ares, Rafael Carreas, Marco Sessions,
Vito Galo and Trenton Ducati
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      If you are Lucas Entertainment and you are flying to Greece with all kinds of guys, you are going to have to get to know
and audition them! First up we have Rafael Carreras and Marco Sessions, and the whole time we are getting to know these
hunky men we are guessing who the bottom is going to be. Well after they start to get naked and get to know each other, we
have a hint... Sessions gets a thumb up his butt. You guessed it, Sessions bottoms! Okay, Carreras fucks him silly and does this
move you only see in the movies. You know these boys are having fun by the amount of man sweat coming off them. Next up
we have Adam Killian interviewing Vito Galo and Trenton Ducati. While we are getting to know them we learn they have basically
been on a plane the past two days and look hot (I hate them). Then we find out that Ducati used to be a professional bull rider (hot).
While I was watching them all I could think was they are going to have hot sex...and boy do they. Gallo and Ducati flip fuck each
other like dogs in heat. The scene I liked the best was on a patio with Greece in the background and a bed with Jessy Ares and
Adam Killian in jock straps. As we are sitting and watching them being interviewed you can almost see the sex coming out of their
bodies. These two guys are in heat for each other and I think they are having as much fun flip fucking as you are going to have
watching it. After watching this movie you are going to want to rent a house in Greece and invite your cutest friends to come with
and get naked by the pool.
 3.8 Stars!