2016. NakedSword
Directed by Trenton Ducati
Starring: JJ Knight, Marco Montgomery, Korey Houston, Trent Ferris, Christen Taylor, Wyler Ash and Trenton Ducati

Bad guys, thugs, greasers who play hard and live for today! First up is Korey Houston and Wyler Ash who after a drink
from a flask are making out before Ash is on his knees sucking Houston's really nice cock. Once Ash bent over the hood of
a car to have his ass eaten you knew who was going to get fucked (but the guys flip). Now before the guys get done fucking,
their boss Trenton Ducati catches them. Instead of getting mad, he wants a piece of both the guys (you would too, trust me).
The good pig that Ducati is he has both guys next to each other butt up so he can go back and forth eating ass. In another
part of town the preppy nerd Christen Taylor is tutoring greaser JJ Knight... with his rod between his legs Taylor is busy
sucking  I do believe this is not the first time the nerdy Taylor has sucked dick. It's lucky for Taylor that Knight is so kind
and munches some ass and finger fucks him before Knight's big dick goes up Taylor's tight hole. Back at the garage, Trent
Ferris has a black-eye because his old man hits him. To make him feel better he has Marco Montgomery. After the boys are
done sucking on each other, it's pretty-boy Montgomery bent over the trunk of a really hot car with Ferris' big dick up his
ass. The next day we head back to the garage where Ducati figures out Knight has been getting busy with the nerdy Taylor.
Well Ducati's now classic line "I am going to fuck the grease back into you" proves true and they actually do fuck the grease
into each other.

 3.8 Stars!