Gran Vista


Gran Vista
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Dario Beck, Lucas Fox, Donato Reyes, Lucio Saints, Goran and Toby Dutch

    Okay readers, it is 8 degrees outside and we need to warm up so RSS is taking us to the foothills of Spain! Warning readers,
no boys were used for the making of this movie. It's all men and I mean manly men! So we start with the very sexy and manly
Abraham Al Malek diving into the pool to swim over and start making out with Dario Beck. We all know making out leads to
Malek sucking on Beck's dick and then it means Malek is sticking his dick and starts pumping on Beck's ass. Later by the pool
Donoato Reyes is working on his all-over tan when magically Lucas Fox appears in the water and comes over to start sucking
on Reyes' dick (I do question why they waste time even putting Fox in a swim suit). So when they both finally get naked and
out of the pool, I will say I would have been happy for either one of these hot men to get fucked because they both have very
hot asses, but the man with the bigger dick won and Fox did all the fucking. Later the very sexy and tattooed Goran is getting
out of the pool and magically Dario Beck is sucking on his dick. In no time Goran is fucking Beck by the side of the pool. Finally
we get to see who I think is the hottest one on the box cover, Toby Ditch, and he has Lucio Saints to get naked with. I was shocked
when it was Ditch who sat on Saints' cock... I liked it and so will you. This movie is for men who like men and need a winter warm up.
 3.8 Stars!