Good Sports


Good Sports
2013 Hot House

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring:  Ashton Webber, Bobby Hart, Doug Acre, Hayden Richards, James Ryder, Jed Athens, Lance Luciano, Luke Milan
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Not everyone looks good in athletic gear, but if you are in a Hot House movie you know they look great! Plus, a Hot House
gym movie means very hot men having sex in the locker room! Now this whole spitting on people thing I just don't get, but if it's
Hayden Richards and Jed Athens I will say it's hot! Remember spiting leads to wetness, and wetness leads to sex! Hayden's wet
jock filled with a very large cock is all Athens can do to get on his knees and worship it. Hayden is a nice guy so he does do some
very nice work on Athens' cock. These boys really get hot and heavy with Athens' ass devouring Hayden's cock. Next up is James
Ryder, and let's just say he likes to be in-charge and his lucky victim is Doug Acre. You are going to love when Ryder shoves his
cock down Acre's throat (well I did!). Now Ryder likes going down on Acre's big cock, but what he was looking for was his ass
and baby he got it! The last scene is Bobby Hart (love) and Luke Milan. If you are having a scrimmage with Luke, make sure you
let him win because you are going to like when he takes control and shoves his dick down your throat. Luke also likes jumping on
a hot cock so let him win because you will.
 3.85 Stars!