Full of Spunk


Full Of Spunk
2018. Kristen Bjorn
Directed by Kristen Bjorn
Starring: Gabriel Lunna, Ridder Rivera, Leonardo Lucatto, Mick Stallone, Manuel Skye, Xavi Duran, Diego Lauzen,
Wagner Vittoria! Adrian Monroy, Andy Star, Ivan Gregory, Denis Sokolov, Lucas Fox, Ely Chaim

When we first meet Riddler Rivera and Gabriel Lunna, they are at the gym and Rivera invites him to come over after they
work out. Once Rivera’s towel is ripped off, both towels are on the floor and Lunna needs to suck some Rivera dick! The guys
take turns sucking on each other but Rivera must be better because Lunna cums first. The guys are not done because Rivera
wants Lunna’s ass and gets it; what is impressive is Lunna stays hard the whole time while getting fucked after he already came.
When we meet Mick Stallone and Manuel Skye, we find out that Stallone has been fucking with Leonardo Lucatto. What’s a
friend to do but invite Lucatto over to fuck around? Once the guys are in the apartment, they all get naked and start sucking
dick (and some very nice dick, I must say). I was not shocked when the guys took turns fucking Lucatto. Andy Star and Xavi
Garcia are staying in this Sunday; they both seem to have the hangover hornys because getting naked and Garcia sucking Star’s
dick is on the agenda. After the sucking, Garcia inches that hot dick up his ass and he gets it up his fuzzy ass. The hot part is that
these sexy men flip and Star looks hot bouncing on that dick. Lucas Fox is at home relaxing [wink-wink] when Ivan Gregory
brings new friend Denis Sokolov over and what’s a good host to do? Get them naked! What does a good guest do... suck the others
guys’ dicks (I need to entertain more). It really sizzles when the guys go back and forth fucking guest Sokolov but I got turned on
when Fox also fucked Gregory (real man sex). Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria are on vacation when they meet Adrian Monroy
[woof] and what does a good, hot couple do? Bring this hot stranger back to your hotel for hot vacation sex. Once Monroy got a feel
of Lauzen and Vittoria’s cocks, he was on his knees sucking cock; I must say Monroy has some dick-sucking talent on thick cocks.
When the guys move to the couch for a suck train, it’s Monroy sucking Wagner who is sucking Lauzen. It’s no surprise when Monroy
got fucked but I really enjoyed watching Wagner getting fucked. If you enjoy men having sex with men, this movie is for you!

 3.85 Stars!