Fuck You I'm Infamous


Fuck You I'm Infamous
2016. NakedSword Originals

Directed by mr. Pam
Starring: Ryan Rose, Diesel Washington, Cameron Diggs, JD Phoenix, Colton Grey, Vadim Black, Tyler Rush and Draven Torres

    There are NO made-up stories in this movie -- everything these performers are infamous for is true. Have Ryan Rose
and Draven Torres been to jail? Yes, and they own it. But now it's time for them to get naked and the way Torres is sucking
on Rose's dick and the way Rose is playing with Torres butt we know it's Rose doing the fucking. I couldn't help but think did
Torres learn how to take in like a man in jail? Diesel Washington is infamous for his Twitter wars and Tyler Rush is just a
freaky dirty bird. Rush is sucking on big Washington dick right away with the good boy Diesel doing some sucking of his own
(plus some major ass eating!). It's obvious Diesel will be fucking some Rush ass. Bad boys JD Phoenix and Vadim Black are
next, and after sucking on each other it's Phoenix getting his ass eaten... we all know he'll also be the one to get fucked. Last,
but not least, we have Cameron Diggs, who was first arrested in high school and has spent five years in prison. He's with Colton
Grey, who likes to be entertained but it's not always legal. Grey is the first to suck dick and also the first to get fucked. As I
watch Grey, I thought about his really nice dick and how it's a shame he doesn't get to "use" it.

 3.8 Stars!