Fuck Me I'm Famous


Fuck Me I'm Famous
2016. NakedSword

Directed by mr. Pam
Starring: Mickey Taylor, Bray Love, Adam Ramzi, JJ Knight, Jack Hunter and Wesley Woods

    This movie starts with Adam Ramzi and Colby Keller in a big fight and Ramzi kicks Keller out of the house. Later that
day and armed with flowers, Keller returns home and that is all it takes to have Ramzi bouncing on Keller's dick. Next it's
Mickey Taylor and Jack Hunter out on a balcony with what looks to be Vegas in the background. On the balcony, it's Taylor
who is the first to be naked, but they come indoors so Taylor can suck on Hunter's big dick. After about five minutes of Hunter
munching on Taylor's bum, you know who is getting fucked first... Taylor! Now it's really hot when these two flip! We then
have Bray Love in a book store (wink wink) looking for some action and lucky for Love JJ Knight is the action he finds. After
the guys take turns sucking on each other's dicks, there is no chance Love is going to pass up having JJ Knight's big (and I
mean big!) dick up his ass! Now we're are back in Mickey Taylor's hotel room, but this time he has the naked Wesley Woods
with him. After some kissing and rubbing it's Woods with a tongue up his ass. Let's just say when Taylor replaces his tongue
with his dick Woods is very happy! This is a movie where you don't judge a book by its cover... the box cover showed a plot
driven movie and what you get is a movie with good looking guys having great sex.
3.75 Stars!