FRAT House Cream


FRAT House Cream
2013 Naked Sword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring:  Hunter Page, Shawn Wolf, Conner Maguire, Marco Russo, Johnny Torque, Ray Han, Lucas Knoght and Doug Acre
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Readers, the first thing I need to do is say I am sorry! This movie should have been reviewed in the Halloween issue. So
the movie starts with frat boys wrestling (why no naked wrestling) and the handsome and innocent looking Hunter Page is left
 alone when a text message arrives and wants to know if Hunter wants to make a movie? Well Hunter's friend is Skyping and
lets him know that he brought Johnny Touque home from the gym and does he want to watch? Hello...YES! Back in Hunter's
room the lights go out and Hunter needs to find the breakers, but Conner Maguire and Ray Han need his help to move a couch
(wink wink). While Han is sucking on Hunter's toes, Maguire is getting Hunter naked. Let's just say Maguire and Han take turns
on Hunter's ass and you are going to like it! While at a wet underwear contest, Lucas Knight and Doug Acre find each other and
find a corner to suck each other off (Acre sure has a big one). Drama has hit while Hunter, Maguire and Han are in the truck.
Someone locks the door and takes the boys for a ride. When they are finally let out of the truck, chicken shit Maguire and Han
get the keys and take off and leave Hunter all alone. Well, Hunter finally finds out that it is his brother Shawn Wolfe and Shawn
wants a piece of his brother's ass! Baby it is one hot piece and Wolfe enjoys taking his brother's ass! This movie has a great plot,
hot men, hot sex and is a major contender for the 2014 Grabbys!
 3.95 Stars!