Foreskin Mafia


Foreskin Mafia
2015. Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz.
Starring: Boomer Banks, Sean Zevran, Logan Moore, FX Rios, Armando De Armas, Christian Lesage
Review by Seth Magnum

     Overview: If hordes of uncut dicks get you off (and heck, I love to watch…er chew on…er get fucked by…er just hold those
foreskin donned cocks in my hand to fully appreciate them), make sure to watch this DVD, and then again, and then again, and
then…well you get the idea.
When it comes to physique, Sean Zevran definitely sits at the top. Logan Moore takes full advantage with his
“rimming and nightstick” assault on Sean’s perfect ass. Logan’s uncut beast of a cock does the encore on Sean’s ass, who receives
a nice facial before shooting his own impressive load out of his awesome uncut manhood. One look at FX Rios and everything
about me goes limp…except my cock of course. Wow what a beautiful man! He gives Christian Lesage a pounding in his mouth
and ass, with Christian riding FX’s amazing foreskinned meat for a good long time. Armando De Armas and Logan Moore trade
sensuous blowjobs, fully enjoying each other’s skins, before Logan dives tongue first into Armando’s muscular ass. Logan remains
fully clothed, at least until we cut to a scene of his ass getting plowed by Armando in many positions. Lastly we see Christian give
Boomer Banks a blowjob that should be used to teach how to give one…absolutely amazing how he takes all 10 uncut inches Boomer
has to give down his willing throat. Equally hot is Christian releasing a load out of his uncut manmeat by Boomer only lightly tapping
his taint with a baseball bat. Then the bat (the thick end) ends up in Christian’s ass before Boomer’s cock does.
      My take:
Something about cum dripping from foreskin just makes me shudder in ecstasy (yes, I do have issues…but I embrace them).
Watch these uncut dicks perform their manly deeds in a DVD sure to get you off time and again. Be sure to see the 3 bonus scenes for
even more cock and ass!

  3.95 Stars!