Football Hero 2


Football Hero 2
2016. Icon Male
Directed by Nica Noelle
Starring: Max Sargent, Doug Acre, Andrew Fitch, Kory Houston, Hugh Hunter, Ethan Slade and Armond Rizzo

Retired football star Hugh Hunter has agreed to coach a local football team. When we first meet Coach Hunter he is in
bed with his boyfriend (pocket power bottom Armond Rizzo) and Rizzo is jealous because he thinks his boyfriend is going
to fuck around on him (duh!). So what's a Nervous Nelly to do? Have his boyfriend fuck the shit out of him. After some dick
sucking on both sides, it's Rizzo getting his ass eaten (no shock to anyone he is getting fucked!). Later Hunter is on the phone
with his former coach Max Sargent who wishes him good luck, and after they hang up, Sargent (who is with his boyfriend
Doug Acre) says that putting Hunter in charge of a team is like putting a wolf in charge of a hen house. Don't worry, Sargent
still fucks Acre. Now the fun starts because Hunter is training with cutie Ethan Slade (hmm I have a feeling about this) and
after Hunter wears him out training, they go back to Hunter's house and Hunter offers Slade a chance to take a shower and
cool off (Rizzo is not going to be happy). Well Slade does (we get to watch and it's hot) and when he's done he realizes there
are no towels in the bathroom, so he yells for the coach. Now Slade opens the door and let me tell you that guy is hot! Hunter
is naked in record time and the guys take turns sucking on each other before Hunter starts eating ass. Once the guys are
doggie-style, all I could think of was WOOF! If you like a movie where the guys wear football pants that don't stay on for
very long, watch Football Hero 2.

 3.8 Stars!