Fire Island Staff House Volume 1


Fire Island Staff House Volume 1
2014 Dominic Ford

Directed by Dominic Ford
Starring: Just Angelo, Brandon Moore, Dakota Wolfe, David Lambert, Hans Berlin, James Key, Leo Sweetwood, Riley
Tanner, Trenton Ducati

     I have never been to Fire Island and it's cold outside so I am looking forward to this movie. Brandon Moore is doing a
video diary of his summer at Fire Island and his first goal is to get fucked by Hans Berlin because he hears he is an amazing
fuck. Well since Moore is a dog in heat and Berlin is friendly, Moore is sucking on Berlin's dick in record time. We know that
leads to ass eating and in no time Berlin is blowing that ass. Now we get to meet James Key the camera guy who tells us that
he and Moore have a contest to see who can fuck the most guys over the course of the summer and the pizza guy just showed
up (I think I know whats going to happen). It wasn't the pizza guy but a singer who was auditioning at the bar next door. Well
it's a contest and James had the singer in no time (the hot part is that they flipped). Good thing James didn't wait for the pizza
guy... he was a little old. So only at a gay resort in Fire Island will you be sitting naked in a jacuzzi and a naked and erect
Trenton Ducati joins you! Not only join, but they suck on each other and when they go in the house Ducati fucks him. I am
looking forward to Volume 2 to see how the contest is going.
 3.8 Stars!