Fine Tuned Ass


Fine Tuned Ass
2015. Hot House Video

Directed by Nick Fox
Starring: Austin Wolf, Ryan Rose, Chris Bines, Aaron Reese, Armando De Armas, Chris Harder and Colt Rivers

    Does a motorcycle shop make you hot? Or just the men that work in them? We start with mechanics Austin Wolf and Ryan
Rose who are working on some bikes and Wolf notices that Rose is showing some plumbers crack and goes to get him some.
Wolf is the first to get his dick sucked (and wait, he's the first to get his ass eaten so we know the story: first to get your ass eaten
first to get fucked)! Next up is the very sexy Armando De Armas who is checking out Chris Bines' ass and after some dick sucking
and ass eating, Armas is fucking Bines' juicy butt. Now we have Colt Rivers and Aaron Reese, and all it takes is Reese to rub on
his dick and Rivers is on his knees. All I can say is who knew a bike shop has a stash of dildo's (?) but this one does and Rivers likes
them up his butt (before Reese finally fucks Rivers with his own dick). Later that night, Armas is still hard at work and Chris
Harder comes in looking for help -- more like a dick down his throat and a dick up is butt. If you like your boys showing some
butt crack and a little dirty, this movie is for you.

 3.8 Stars!