Finding Father


Finding Father
2017. Icon Male
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring Danny Gunn, Kristofer Weston, Michael Delray, Kyler Ash, Timothy Drake, Dane Stewart, Alex Chandler and
Addison Bluez

Danny Gunn has been looking for his stepfather for five years because he has something he wants to get off his chest.
Gunn and his friend Michael Delray hit the road; eventually they get tired and need to find a place to sleep. After a while,
security guard Dane Stewart finds them and invites them in because he wants a show in which Gunn and Delray are starring.
Gunn and Delray start by making out and then sucking on each other’s dicks (Delray has a real nice dick) while Stewart
watches with his hard cock in his hand. Once Delray starts munching on Gunn’s ass, Stewart comes over to have Gunn suck
on his very hot cock. Gunn is the first with a dick up his ass and Stewart is the first to fuck. Next, Gunn gets to fuck Delray
while Stewart eats Gunn’s ass. It’s really hot when Delray licks up all of Stewart’s cum. Later that night, Delray hears the
neighbors in the next room having sex. We get to watch Alex Chandler and Addison Blue making out and it’s Chandler
munching ass and he is also the first to fuck. When Gunn and Delray get to their stepdad’s house, he finds his stepbrothers
and they get busy with each other. The brothers get naked and start sucking on each other’s dicks, which leads to 69ing and
eating each other’s ass; don’t worry, they are brothers. They flip fuck. Then Gunn and Delray meet stepdad Kristofer Weston.
Delray leaves them alone so Gunn and Weston can talk and we all know that’s code for: Kissing which also means daddy is
fucking his stepson. After watching Weston in action, all I can say is that we have a new daddy in town and that’s a good thing!

 3.85 Stars!