Filthy Fucks


Filthy Fucks
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Johnny V, Shawn Wolfe, Sean Zevran, David Benjamin, Abraham Al Malek, Mike Demarko and Austin Chandler

    Filthy Fucks is the first movie made at the new Raging Stallion Las Vegas studios, so we all know this is going to be one hot
movie! The set up is simple: Johnny V and Abraham Al Malek in a studio with a couple of boxes (did I say they don't even waste
time with underwear because they are that hot for each other?). The way that Johnny V just squats on Malek's dick is just hot
and how he bounces while jacking himself off just sizzles. Next up it's Shawn Wolfe and Mike Demarko, and after sucking on
each other's dicks Wolf is the first to eat ass (so we know he is going to be the first to fuck). Well I believe that Wolfe really likes
fucking Demarko's juicy butt. Malek is back and this time he is with the sexy Sean Zevran and baby Zevran makes Malek his
bitch. The way Malek is bouncing on Zevran's dick will make you happy. Last but not least it's Austin Chandler and David Benjamin.
In this scene we have the butch Benjamin (he has facial hair!) getting fucked by Chandler's very big dick. Now the surprise is when
they flip and Benjamin is fucking Chandler (I have been waiting for Benjamin to top)! All I can say is that you will like it. If you enjoy
seeing very hot men having hot sex this movie is for you!
 3.85 Stars!