Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas


Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas
2014 DominicPacifico.com

Directed by Dominic Pacifico and Anthony Meade
Starring: Dominic Pacifico, Brandon Jones, Lance Luciano, Trenton Ducati, Rico Palace, Rod Daily, Landon Conrad,
Tate Ryder and Kieron Ryan
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

If Brandon Jones is asleep with en erection, what are you going to do? Well if you are Lance Luciano (he is just so hot) you
start sucking and wake him up. And if you know porn, you know that Jones likes a dick up his ass and Luciano after eating
his ass is happy to do the fucking! Out by the pool Dominic Pacifico and Rico Palace are naked going at it with the also naked
and hard Trenton Ducati watching. While Pacifico is getting his dick sucked, I think he likes that Ducati is watching. Pacifico
and Palace get out of the water and Pacifico is eating Palace's ass while Palace is sucking Ducati's dick. Pacifico is first to fuck
Palace (it is his company) and Ducati gets to play with both of their asses. But Pacifico is the one who Ducati fucks first, but don't
worry, Palace gets his turn and is fucked by Ducati. Now if you're going to fall asleep and dream about someone sucking on your
dick, Rod Daily is a good choice for Pacifico to dream of. To make the dream complete, Pacifico does get fucked over the desk by
Daily. New day and on this day that slutty Pacifico is visiting Landon Conrad and he is fucking Conrad...Conrad is a good flipper
and he gets to fuck Pacifico too. Last but not the least we have Tate Ryder (didn't he retire?) and Kieron Ryan who get naked in
record time (good boys!). After sucking each other it's Ryder with his ass getting eaten, and we know that means he is getting fucked
(ok pounded!). The moral of this story is to start your own company so you can have your friends over and fuck you...or you can
fuck them.
 3.75 Stars!