Fame Game


Fame Game
2015. NakedSword Originals

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Mickey Taylor, Killian James, Bray Love, Boomer Banks, Adam Ramzi, Topher Dimaggio, Kyler Kash and
Leon Fox
Leon Fox is dance auditioning when Adam Ramzi feels the need to tip, which also means some tasty asshole shots before
Ramzi is fucking him on the stage. Well Ramzi didn't like his dancer, so he sent Killian James out to find some new talent.
He finds Kyler Kash (who is supposed to be a year clean) doing a bump. What's a boy to do? For starters, suck his dick and
eat his hole before he fucks him (I must say James needs to top more often). Now Boomer Banks has heard Mickey Taylor
singing and wants to help him with a big break. But while they are rehearsing, old friend Bray Love comes by to cause trouble,
but gets kicked out. He is lucky enough to run into Topher DiMaggio, which leads to drinks, and drinks leads to DiMaggio
having to take a piss (and Love wanting to get naked and join him for some bathroom sex). Well now Banks can't find Taylor,
but when he does, he takes Taylor back to his dressing room and fucks the sh*t out of him. I guess all you need to relax is a big
dick up your ass.
 3.9 Stars!