2012 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Starring: Derek Parker, Drake Jaden, Spencer Reed, Jessie Colter, Jimmy Durano, Trey Turner and Mathew Mason
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Okay I will say it, when four of the biggest directors over at Raging Falcon put their names as directors of a movie, I hope it's
good! Well last week I was lucky enough to go to Los Angeles to the Cybersocket Awards and I was able to meet the star of
this movie, Derek Parker (my new porn star boyfriend because FYI he is as hot in person as he is in the movie). I went home
to look for his movies and I found this on my reviewers movie list. I hope we like it! This movie starts with the very sexy Jessie
Colter getting hard and happy with himself when the ever hard Jimmy Durano comes and joins him. Readers we know what
this means...Jessie is getting fucked (I just want a front row seat when Durano gets fucked). Please hold...wait...Drake Jaden
has joined them and this is getting fun with Durano sucking them both off. I think they are having a party because Trey Turner
has joined in and has Durano's dick in his mouth and his hands on Jaden and Colter's dicks! Well my new porn star boyfriend
has made it to this all sex party (and he looks hot). Derek Parker now has five of the hottest guys sucking and licking all over his
body (okay I will share as long as I can watch). So what is the old saying, 'First to get naked; first to get fucked?" Colter is that
lucky guy and Turner fucks him silly and you are going to like it (did I tell you Colter is very loud when he gets fucked). Now I
have to see my new porn star boyfriend Derek Parker  suck on Spencer Reed's dick (fuck I have to go to the gym now). By the
end of this movie everyone is just fucking each other for one of the best sex movies of 2012.  Now for my new pon star boy friend,
Derek Parker, who gets fucks and gets fucked. I know this was your first movie, you virgin, so see you at the Grabbys because
this was a hot newbie performance!
 3.85 Stars!