Extreme Fuck Club


Extreme Fuck Club
2014 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owens
Starring: Alexander Gustavo, Armond Rizzo, Dylan Knight, Dylan Strokes, Leo Sweetwood, Luke Adams, Michah Brandt
and Sean Duran

     First up we have Micah Brandt and Sean Duran, two of the butchest looking men in this movie. After they are done hitting
and kicking on the punching bag it's time for some ass eating and dick sucking (with their boxing gloves still on). Next up we
have Alexander Gustavo and Dylan Strokes, and while Gustavo is rubbing one out Dylan Strokes comes over in full motorcycle
gear (pants helmet and sun glasses) and manages to get his dick sucked and fuck Gustavo while keeping the helmet and sun glasses
on (I guess someone doesn't want to tell his parents he is doing porn). Now it's skateboarders with Leo Sweetwood and Luke
Adams. Sweetwood shoves his crotch in Adams' face and Adams does what every good porn star would do... he sucks the dick.
When we finally get Adams naked we get to see one of the juiciest asses in porn, it's just a shame he is the top because I want to
see someone fuck it. Some nice sex scenes, but they don't seem to belong in the same movie.
 3.65 Stars!