Everybody Fucks


Everybody Fucks
2014 Channel 1 Releasing
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Johnny Hazzard, Dustin Steele, Valentin Petrov, Armando Dearmos, Alexandar Greene, Nick Cross and Alex Adams

    Everyone might like to fuck, but first we need to see Alex Adams suck on Johnny Hazzard's toes and have Johnny suck
on Adams' dick and eat his ass (you might remember Johnny is a very good ass eater). While Adams is fucking Hazzard, all
of a sudden behind them we have a really hot three-way going on with Alexandar Greene, Valentin Petrov and Armondo
Dearmos (we like it). After Hazzard and Adams finally cum on each other, we get to concentrate on the three-way and the
guys sucking on each other's dicks. The highlight for me was Dearmos and Greene licking on Petrov's dick at the same time
(lucky man). Now if you are a cum queen, you are going to love the cum that is left on Petrov. In another corner we have Dustin
Steele and Nick Cross going at it. Now readers, you know how it usually goes... first to have your ass eaten is first to get fucked.
But stop the presses because Steele gets his ass eaten first but Steele fucks Cross! Don't worry the world is not coming to an end
because they flip fuck. If you like hot guys having hot sex you are going to like this movie.
 3.8 Stars!