Erect This!


Erect This!
2016. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Tegan Zayne, Jacob Taylor, Wesley Woods, Spencer Whitman, Gabriel Taurus, Adam Ramzi and Bennett Anthony

We are on a construction site and muscle hunk Jacob Taylor is sawing (very hot) and sweating when in comes Tegan
Zayne who is rubbing himself all over and whips his hard dick out. When Tayor finally sees Zayne, he forces him on his knees
to suck his cock. Once Taylor starts munching on Zayne's ass, it's obvious who's getting fucked! In another part of the building
we have the boss, Wesley Woods, describing to employee Spencer Whitman where he wants to suck his dick and where he
wants to bend him over. Whitman's response... okay! Once the two lose their construction helmets and clothes, Woods is first
to suck dick. But don't worry, Whitman gets a chance to suck on Wood's dick. And being a good boss Wood's is, he sits on
Whitman's dick first... they do flip. Now it's time to meet Gabriel Taurus (woof) who is working with Tegan Zayne. Well Taurus
has to piss and Zayne tells him to piss a nearby bucket. Pissing leads to kissing, which means dick sucking before Taurus is
fucking Zayne. Next is Bennett Anthony and Adam Ramzi who are on a lunch break and don't like what they are eating... Ramzi
wants something meatier...  so Ramzi starts sucking on Anthony's dick (wish it was that easy in real life!). Since none of these guys
seem to wear shirts or underwear, they sure get naked fast! After some ass eating, ginger Anthony gets majorly pounded (at least
it seems that way with all the moaning he's doing).  The real hot part is that these guys take turns and flip. If you have ever had a
fantasy about a construction worker, watch this movie!

 3.8 Stars!