2014 Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Sean Zevran, Adam Ramzi, Billy Santoro, Paul Wagner  Colt Rivers, Nikko Russo, Mike De Marko, Andrew Stark
and Josh Conners
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

     This movie starts with the uber sexy Sean Zevran and Adan Ramzi working out and posing in their jock straps (it's nice)
and when it's time for sex it's Ramzi's tongue up Zevran's butt! After they suck on each other, it's Zevran who takes it up his
juicy ass first (you will all want a turn). This being a scene with two good guys, they take turns (paybacks are a bitch) and it's
Zevran's turn to pound on Ramzi's ass. Next up we have Colt Rivers and Andrew Stark and after some posing and feeling
themselves up, it's Rivers going down on Stark. Now Stark's dick is too long and Rivers' ass too juicy to do anything, but Stark
fucking Rivers... a juicy butt takes a pounding better. Billy Santoro is hot, and Billy Santoro in a Nasty Pig jock with an erection
is even hotter. Now throw in the return of Paul Wagner (you need to make more movies). After Santoro does some major ass
eating (boy did Wagner like it) it's time for Wagner to get fucked. It's a good flipping movie and after Santoro gets his ass eaten,
Santoro gets his ass fucked (don't you just love some good flippers). To end the movie, we have the return of Sean Zevran (he is
on the box cover) and the introduction of newcomer Josh Conners (and he has some sass in him). I was surprised when Conners'
got a chance of tapping Zevran's ass (it was hot), but don't worry, a newcomer has to give and take and baby did Zevran give.
This is a movie for guys who like a flipper.
 3.85 Stars!