Easy Summer


Easy Summer
2013 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Conner Maguire, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, John Magnum, Alexander Gustavo, Bryan Cole, Mitchell Rock,
and Sebastian Rossi
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Well if you live in the Midwest, I can assume you are getting sick and tired of our Polar Winter (I sure am!). Hot House is taking
us on vacation and I'm ready! You know you're in for a good ride when Alexander Gustova and Liam Magnusum come in from
the pool and head to the shower together (I love good shower sex). I really like when Gustavo gets down on his knees and takes
care of Liam's dick. It only gets better when Magnusum starts eating Gustavo's ass (and we all know what ass eating leads to...fucking!).
Gustavo is like a dog in heat with Liam's cock up his ass. Back at the pool, we have Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano (last year's
Grabby Performers of the Year) losing their suits and finding each other. Now after some dick sucking, Durano is fucking Ducati (shock).
Later at another pool we have Brian Cole going down on Conner Maguire. Now the good guy that Maguire is, he eats Cole's ass (and
boy does Cole like it). This next scene is fun because Alexander Gustove is taking a bubble bath and playing with himself when Sebastian
Rossi (the gardner) is looking in the window and is invited in. Let's just say the Gardner gives it like a man and Alexander takes it.
Going back to the pool, we have two guys we have not seen in a while -- the very sexy John Magnum and the tattooed Mitchell Rock.
Is it just me or does Magnum's dick look bigger and thicker? Well Rock is a big old bottom and boy does he like that big thick dick up
his ass! This movie is beautifully shot with hot sexy men. Thank you for the vacation Hot House!
 3.85 Stars!