EARTHBOUND: Heaven to Hell 2


EARTHBOUND: Heaven to Hell 2
2017. Falcon
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight, Sean Zevran, Jonny V, Andrew Stark, Skyy Knox, Dean Monroe, Arad Winwin,
Blake Riley, Andre Donovan, Armond Rizzo and Trelino

   Twelve years ago Falcon Studios released "Heaven To Hell" and now the epic story continues. When we first meet the
Satan (Dean Monroe... woof) he is giving the minions a taste of some blood and we learn that Skyy Knox is bad and must
leave the Devils sight. Next we meet Andrew Stark (where have you been?) who has the snitch Trelino locked in a box. Once
out and after some butt smacking, Stark gets what he wants and starts with some amazing ass eating. When Stark gets a little
naked (finally and OMG!) Trelino is lucky enough to suck his really nice dick. Stark starts fucking Trelino and all you will be
thinking is why can't that be me! In another part of hell the Devil (Monroe) is not happy and thank goodness he has Sean
Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo to make him happy. We learn the Devil likes to service his minions and Zevran
is going to be fucking some guys. During this scene I recommend watching Zevran closely because this is an expert class in
ass eating. The first one to have a dick up his ass is Alanzo, and Zevran is the lucky fucker. It's finally time for the Devil to get
fucked and Zevran is first followed by Winwin... but the guys came back for seconds (and I believe the Devil liked Winwin best).
Remember early in the movie how Skyy Knox was banished by the Devil? He learned that Love = Freedom, but he is what looks
to be at a party/dancer bar where Brent Corrigan who is stripping (YUM) might be his way to Heaven. Oh oh, Skyy Knox
collapses and luckily Brent Corrigan is on the scene to save him. In another part of hell we find JJ Knight who is on a mission to
find out what is going wrong when he runs into a motorcycle man who won't take his helmet off. When he does it's the very sexy
Blake Riley (where have you been you sexy man?). Now Riley has always been hot, but Riley is a buff mother fuc*er now! After
the guys take turns sucking each other's dicks and Knight starts munching on Riley's ass, we know that big Knight dick is going
up juicy Riley ass. And with the amount of cum we see I think the guys really enjoyed themselves. Back in the bar the minions are
looking for Knox or anyone that can help and minion Andre Donovan thinks that Bar Fly Jonny V can. Bar Fly Johnny V likes
sucking on some big Donovan dick, and Donovan really likes playing with Johnny V ass (I understand). Sky Knox is finally awake
and Brent Corrigan is there to help clean him up (wink wink). Once Knox realizes that Corrigan is good, finally the clothes come
off. Corrigan eats ass first, so gay honor goes he is first to fuck, but this is 2017 so they flip (so hot!). I will not tell you how the
movie ends, but I can say I do smell a sequel! I truly enjoyed this movie and I hope to see more movies of this quality in the future!

  4 Stars!