Dylan James

(Photos Courtesy of LucasEntertainment.com)

Tom Olah: Was the first person you ever had sex with a boy or a girl? How old were you?
Dylan James: Girl [laughs]; I was 14 when it happened. I started “practicing early!

TO: Are you a boxer or briefs kind of guy?
DJ: Definitely a briefs guy! When you’re packin a nine-and-a-half friend down there, you need a little support.

TO: How did you first get into porn?
DJ: I actually just applied to Lucas online. Within a couple days, I was shooting.

TO: What was your first day on the set like? Who was your first scene partner?
DJ: Oh, I was so scared; hot guys all around, lights and cameras. It’s pretty scary your first time. My first
scene partner was Dylan Knight.

TO: You have some amazing tattoos. Which was your first one?
DJ: My first tattoo was the tribal one on my right shoulder. Got it two days after I was 18. I hid it from my
parents for a month. When they found out, they made me promise not to get more tattoos. Yeah, I lied! [Laughs]

TO: Will we seeing more tattoos?
DJ: Oh, definitely see more. People ask, “What are you going to do when you run out of room?” Go back
over old tattoos [laughs].

TO: You are in great shape. What is your workout schedule like?
DJ: I honestly work out seven days a week. About two weeks away from a porn shoot, I start going two times
a day. But I eat whatever I want [laughs]. I probably wouldn’t have to go to the gym so much if I stopped eating
double cheeseburgers.

TO: Does a hot and sexy man like you have to masturbate?
DJ: Oh, yeah, sometimes two times a day.

TO: Do you have a fantasy porn star who you still want to work with?
DJ: You know what, there’s so many idols of mine out there that I watched when I started that I can’t even pick
just one. Pierre Fitch, Boomer Banks, Paddy O’Brien; the list goes on and on.

TO: Is it easier or harder to date a fellow porn star and why?
DJ: I’ve never dated a fellow porn star, but I think it would be easier. Dating is hard when you’re in porn; it takes
a lot of trust. And there’s certainly no room for jealousy.

TO: Do you have a favorite Dylan James movie?
DJ: That’s another question that I have so many answers to: Me and Hugh Hunter, Adam Killian, Nick Capra,
Johnny V are just a few favorites.

TO: What movies can we look forward to see you in this year?
DJ: I think the biggest one so far that’s still to be released is Jessie Colter and I. He’s an amazing guy that can
take literally anything; our scene is gonna be awesome.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Dylan James?
DJ: Best way is at Twitter @xxxDylanjames.

TO: Since you will be co-hosting the 2018 Grabbys, the men of Chicago want to know, have you ever slept
with a friend?
DJ: Oh, yeah [laughs]. “Straight” friends, old school friends – I have so many hot stories of sleeping with friends!

This article ran in the May 15, 2018 Issue of GRAB Magazine.