Drive Shaft


Drive Shaft
2016. Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Sean Zevran, Tegan Zayne, Johnny V, Boomer Banks, Bruno Bernal, Jimmy Durano, Ricky Decker and
Logan Moore
Ever have the hots for a mechanic? Co-workers Sean Zevran really wants Tegan Zayne's ass, but Zayne is going to have
to suck some Zevran dick first. Zevran fucks Zayne every which way and Sunday, and the next time I get my car fixed I
think I am going to have a chubby. Johnny V walks in on co-worker Ricky Decker rubbing one out on his break, and the
good guy that Johnny is he gets down on his knees to help out. Decker gives a new definition of lube job before he fucks
Johnny over the hood of the car. Now we have Boomer Banks working under the car and Bruno Bernal can't wait to get
some Banks dick in his mouth! When Banks finally comes out from under the car, Bernal better be ready because Banks
wants more than some sucking. Thank goodness Bernal has one of the juiciest asses in porn because the pounding he takes
from Banks is amazing! Next is Logan Moore who's a real ass of a customer... let's just say Jimmy Durano takes it out on
his ass. If an auto mechanic has ever turned you on, this movie is for you.

 3.85 Stars!