Dripping Wet 4


Dripping Wet 4
2012 Falcon
Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring:  Paddy O'Brian, Dean Monroe, Christopher Daniels, Ray Diaz, Johnny Ryder, Bobby Hart, Cal Skye and Woody Fox

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    In the last week or so in Chicago we have had rain, sleet and snow. The only thing we have not had is a blue sky, so take me
away Falcon I need warm weather and a pool! The best way to start this movie is to have Paddy O'Brian and Johnny Ryder
making out on the side of a beautiful pool and Ryder getting O'Brian naked and getting his thick cock in his mouth. When Ryder
works his way to the rear to munch on his butt, all I could think about was O'Brian has one of the hairiest holes in gay porn
(trimming is not a bad thing). When it comes time to sit on a dick, the ever eager Ryder is the man for the job it's like he inhales
O'Brian's dick. Two of the most passionate men in porn are Dean Monroe and Christopher Daniels, but all I could think about
while watching them make out was who is going to be the top? The answer is that they are gentlemen the each take their turn.
Monroe and Daniel"s give each other so much pleasure I felt like I was at the side of the pool and enjoyed the fun. One of the
scenes in this movie that I enjoyed the most was Cal Skye and Bobby Hart (he has a very large and nice dick) and they are in the
pool on a double wide raft. They start becoming friendly, get naked and start 69'ing each other and don't fall off the raft (the
magic of movies). Thank god when it came time for Hart to stuff his big hard dick up Skye's ass they were on dry land! With the
stuff he did I bet when they were done Skye felt it for a few more days. If you're in the mood for a quick vacation and not getting
the bill, this movie is for you.

 3.8 Stars!