Dream Team


Dream Team
2013 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Tyler Alexander, Lance Luciano, Zachary Perry, Bobby Clark, Nick Parker, Luke Marcum and Jayden Ellis
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Lance Luciano is a hot sexy man with a really nice cock, but the movie starts with Luciano ramming a big dildo up Zachary
Perry's ass. Well in no time Perry is on his back with Luciano's dick up his ass. It has been awhile, but the sexy Luke Marcum is
back and Jayden Ellis is the lucky man sucking on his dick. After some dick sucking and ass eating, it's Marcum pumping away
on Ellis' ass. Next is another guy you've seen before...the return of Bobby Clark...as a top (I know!). The lucky boy being fucked
by Clark is Nick Parker. Lance Luciano is alone naked and rubbing one out when the equally naked and hard Tyler Alexander
comes to join in on the fun. After some dick sucking, it's now Luciano's turn to get fucked (and by the noise coming out of Luciano
he likes it)! If you like men in jock straps, this movie is for you.
 3.75 Stars!