Double Exposure

Double Exposure
2015. TitanMen

Directed by Jasun Mark and Paul Wilde
Starring: Hunter Marx, Felix Barcia, Hans Berlin, Dirk Caber, Christopher Daniels and Tyler Rush
The movie starts with a naked Dirk Caber waking up and seeing Hunter Marx happy, taking a shower and making sure
he is very clean. Caber must like what he sees because he starts playing with himself and starts taking pictures of Marx. We
all know what’s going to happen – Caber needs to be cooled off and joins Marx in the shower. After they get done sucking on
each other and eating each other’s asses, it’s time to find some dry land and get to business! Baby, it’s all Caber getting his ass
pumped, but I liked it best when he sits on Marx’s dick and plays with his own. Next up, we have Hans Berlin and Tyler Rush
and they are making out on a bed, which leads to rubbing, which leads to sucking, which leads to Rush having a tongue up his
ass, which leads to Berlin fucking Rush. Now we have a naked Christopher Daniels (it’s been a while – where have you been
my favorite ginger?) making out with a naked Felix Barca (I like it when they don’t waste time with clothes). It’s funny to watch
when a dick gets close to Daniels’ ass because he smiles, since he knows it’s going up his butt soon and after some teasing, it does!
I have no idea why this movie is called Double Exposure, but if you do, let me know.

 3.75 Stars!