Dorian Ferro

Tom Olah: How and why did you first get into porn?
Dorian Ferro: It’s my alter ego for sure! And because I wanted to experience getting in
front of a camera and having sex for the world. I have only been doing porn for about a

TO: Do you think your friends watch your movies?
DF: Oh yeah, for sure, all the time. They are always sending me messages about how hot
my new scene partner is or how hot the scene was.

TO: Do you watch your movies?
DF: I do at times watch my own movies. I want to see how I look and act on the screen.

TO: What do you think the biggest misconception is that people have about working in
DF: In my opinion, that they think I am easy and that they can pay me to sleep with them.

TO: Have you ever had chemistry problems with a scene partner?
DF: There has been a case or two but, for the most part, chemistry isn’t a problem.

TO: You and Ryan Rose are nominated for a Grabby for “Sex Pad” for hottest rimming. Is
Ryan Rose as good at eating ass he it looks?
DF: [Laughs] Yes. He is as good as he looks on-screen. He is a good ass eater.

TO: What is the most difficult part of working in gay porn?
DF: Being able to keep a relationship. All of my previous partners have had an issue with
me working in the porn industry.

TO: Has working in gay porn impacted your sex life in your private life?
DF: It has for sure impacted my sex life, but for the best though. My sex life has definitely
been at its best. I’ve been able to discover myself sexually and learn things I didn’t know
about myself.

TO: What movies can we look forward to see you in this year?
DF: There are a few good movies coming out and in the works. I will definitely be working
with big names in the industry. Coming soon is “’bout to Bust” from Hard Friction and
“Pushing Limits” from Hot House.

TO: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Dorian Ferro?
DF: Best way to keep up with Dorian Ferro is social media. I have a Twitter account,
@dorianferro or my fan page.

This article ran in the May 31, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.