Dolf Dietrich    

Tom Olah: How did you first start webcamming?
Dolf Dietrich: I was sitting at soda counter at Schwab’s Drug Store where I was approached by an agent, just kidding. Actually, I was living
in Provincetown, Massachusetts year-round, and one desolate, boring winter day, I saw an ad for “webcamming from home,” which piqued
my horny side immediately. I discovered I was very good at it (I won Best Web Cam Star two years running after that). I parlayed it into
what is now the Dolf Dietrich “brand” that you see on-screen and in live appearances. In fact, I own a company called ellsworth
specializing in branding, marketing and communication design and “Dolf” is my biggest client.

TO: Were you a naked kid?
DD: No. I was born with a condition called “Pectus Excavatum,” also known as “Sunken Chest Syndrome.” My mother had the option to
have it surgically repaired when I was about six, but she chose not to put me though the heavy surgery, as the doctors at the time said it was
fairly cosmetic. Little did she know my aspirations of being a huge internationally known porn star. It wasn’t until the age of 35 when I was
living in New York City and working in corporate at a very compassionate publishing company that gave me the time off to get the reparative
surgery which I fought tooth and nail with the insurance company to get covered. (To this day, I am still amazed they covered the 50k cost.)
Almost 10 years later, and thousands of hours at the gym, you can’t really get me to keep my clothes on!

TO: How and why did you first get into porn?
DD: I was living in NYC in 2009 and I was working as the art director at the biggest gay nightlife magazine called HX. I was in charge of
producing the cover shoots for the magazines. Sometimes they were with drag queens or Broadway stars, but oftentimes they were with porn
stars. I did a shoot for our Valentine’s cover with the late porn star Erik Rhodes. I had him lying naked in a pile of thousands of those little
candy hearts (the ones that have those little sayings on them like “Be Mine”) and he was holding a big heart-shaped lollipop that was perfectly
positioned to cover his dick. I remember thinking, well, this is awesome that I am doing this, but what would it feel like to be on the other side
of the lens? That was the year that I got my life-changing surgery that I talked about earlier, and eventually Dolf Dietrich made his porn
premiere in 2013.

TO: Okay. I have to ask, how tall are you?
DD: I am 6 feet, 5 inches. I really am a giant. I love it, although I haven’t always. I am so comfortable in my skin and the older I get, I
embrace my height. Especially living in NYC, it really sets me apart and I feel confident and love getting looks when I walk down the
street. I usually assume it’s because of my height, but who knows? People seem intimidated by it and can’t believe I am a pretty sweet
and down-to-earth guy when they meet me.

TO: Does your height ever become a problem on a movie set?
DD: Not really on a movie set, although my latest scene with Rafael Lords who is 5 feet, 4 inches, for Lucas Entertainment was a bit of a
challenge to shoot. He was very sexy and so little, but the positions were a bit forced at times just because, logistically, it was difficult to
do certain things, like a 69 position for instance. However, we overcame (and came and came!). The scene has gone viral and is becoming
quite legendary as far as I can tell. My height has been an issue when I go-go dance and strip at some of the clubs here in Manhattan.
Damn those low East Village ceilings!

TO: Being so tall, how short was the shortest person you have been naked with?
DD: Armond Rizzo. He is 4 feet, 11 inches. It was a random encounter in a “model house” that one of these studios put us up in, so it was
never caught on film, however, we hope to reenact it as we are booked together for a scene with DickWadd next month in San Diego.

TO: What as your first day on a porn set like?
DD: To be honest, it wasn’t great. The first porn I did was for a gear and product company called Fort Troff. They paired me with a very
young model that I was not attracted to at all (we only had to do a 15-minute demo video; I forget what the product was for), but the director
wanted me to skull fuck the kid while I shaved his hair into a mohawk with a pair of clippers, and of course cum while doing it. At the last
moment, the model I was working with freaked out because he didn’t want a drastic haircut because he had a casting call for some fashion
modeling thing the next week. So I was told I had to cut his hair into a tasteful faux-hawk while face-fucking him, and of course cumming
on cue. At that point, I was just over it. I don’t even cut hair and the kid, at that point, had just turned into a fucking bratty Prima donna. I
ended up giving him a shitty hardcore mohawk anyway while blowing my load on his face!

TO: What can we look forward to see you in this year?
DD: Oh boy, I have filmed a ton of scenes that are going to be released this year. Stay tuned for releases on Kink Men, Lucas Entertainment,
Treasure Island Media, DickWadd Media, Raw Fuck Club, Dark Alley Media, Smoking Hunks, Pride Studios, American Muscle Hunks,
Pantheon Studios and more. I will also be doing a bunch of live appearances and sex shows (many with Hugh Hunter). December: Touche/Chicago,
Steamworks NYE Show/Chicago; January: HardOn Club/London, The Hoist/London; February: The Black Eagle/Toronto, Hunter’s/Fort Lauderdale,
Miami/Floppy Rooster (TBD). I am a regular guest dancer/host at the Cock in NYC and am always out and about in my hometown. I am looking
forward to my first IML in Chicago and CLAW in Cleveland, both with Hugh! We love the support we get from the leather community!

TO: You are going to be appearing at Steamworks on New Year’s Eve with Hugh Hunter. Can I assume you have met each other?
DD: Yes. I cannot wait for this one. Hugh and I met on Fire Island at the end of the summer during a flurry of shoots for Lucas Entertainment.
We were not cast together that week but had overlapping hotel stays on the island. We had been chatting on Twitter for a month or so, but we
were both on the tail-end of break-ups so it wasn’t clear as to what our intentions would be. But for the record, I did ask him on a date very
publicly on Twitter, to which he accepted, and we have had many date nights since then. We fit together so well. I can’t imagine how I ever
got by without him, and, well, the sexual chemistry must be witnessed to be believed. Come witness it New Year’s Eve at Steamworks Chicago!

TO: We are a family magazine [laughs]. What can we look forward to?
DD: All I can say is that I heard there is a huge fireplace in a common area. I am imagining fucking Hugh on a huge bearskin rug in front of
that fireplace that looks like something out of one of the Batman movies, you know, where the bad guy has that huge bad-ass fireplace that
you could actually walk into without ducking? It’s gonna be a hot show. I tend to forget people are watching when Hugh and I are in the heat
of passion.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Dolf Dietrich?
DD: Always on my Twitter @dolfdietrich or my Facebook Fan Page

This article ran in the December 15, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.