Doc's Orders


Doc's Orders
2016. Hot House
Directed by Nick Foxx and Tony Dimarco
Starring: Austin Wolf, Jacob Peterson, Brendan Phillips, Jimmy Durano, Ricky Decker and Tryp Bates

This prescription is for massive cocks with instructions to take them hard! First we have Tryp Bates at the doctor's office
so he can take bigger things up his butt. Well Dr. Jimmy Durano has just the tool box to test out on Bates' ass before the
fucking even starts. In the next office is football star Brendan Phillips who needs a physical, and Dr. Austin Wolf is just the
doctor to make him cough. Not sure what the doctor is testing while he is eating ass, but Phillips seems to like it. After the
ride Phillips gives Dr. Wolf, I'm sure he passed his physical. In another part of the office nurse Jacob Peterson is giving new
hire Jacob Taylor a tour... and one hell of a blow job. If you ever wanted to get naked with your doctor then this movie is for

 3.8 Stars!