Dirty Rascals


Dirty Rascals
2014 Nakedsword/Bel Ami

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Connor Maguire, Tommy Defendi, Phillip Gaudin, Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland, Gino Mosca, Tim Campbell,
Rick Lautner, Marcel Gssion and Brian Jovovich

    Best buddies Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi are bored and decide to set off for the summer and explore Europe.
Running short on cash, these scoundrels become the alleged relatives of a dead countess in hopes of finding (wink wink) some
money at her funeral. With enough money to make the train ride to the countesses' villa (castle), the friends catch a lift from
Dato Foland (woof). While Maguire is sleeping, Defendi and Foland find time to take a break and suck on each other and
Defendi gets to fuck Foland's very juicy ass. After Defendi and Maguire meet some of the real relatives, they get themselves
invited to stay at the castle. While Maguire and Defendi go exploring to find some cash or something to steal, Maguire finds a
bathroom with the sexy Phillipe Gaudin taking a bath. Well we all know the Gaudin will have Maguire naked with Maguire's
tongue up his ass in no time. After Maguire man-handles Gaudin (in a very good way) and Maguire fucks him on a window
ledge, it's time to search for something to steal. The castle seems to be filled with nephews who are all looking for something to
steal or inherit... two of them are Darius Ferdynand and Gino Mosca. After they get naked and fuck, Ferdyland ties Mosca up
and runs off with the jewels. The nephews are not going to stand for it and they chase is on with Maguire, Rick Lautner, Macel
Gassion, Brian Jovovich and Tim Campbell all involved in getting the jewels. So we know that any good porn chase means
everybody is going to get naked and fuck (yay). Now there is no way to give you a blow by blow, but let's just say there was kissing,
sucking, ass eating and fucking for all! This was a very good Nakedsword/Bel Ami production and I highly recommend that you
get it/see it. I recommend that you also watch the extra's for this movie.
  4 Stars!