Dirty Lil Brother


Dirty Lil Brother
2014 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Jason Phoenix, JD Phoenix, John Smith, Armond Rizzo, Brendan Patrick and Mitch Vaughn

    We start with Jason Phoenix  in old school tighty whities) getting his workmate Armond Rizzo naked on his desk and
munching on his uncut cock. Now this next trick you just might want to try at work. While on a office chair (it reclines) Rizzo
goes down on Phoenix while Phoenix is eating Rizzo's ass (you have to see it!). Back at the house, lil brother JD Phoenix has
some friends over and John Smith, Brendan Patrick and Mitch Vaughn are getting naked in the pool. Now this might sound
crazy, but I am always impressed when someone can give a blow job under water and these three take turns on each other!
Once they are done sucking on each other, they get out of the pool and Vaughn takes turns fucking both Smith and Patrick
(back and forth). So we find out that Jason Phoenix and JD Phoenix are only step brothers so it's OK for them to give each
other a tongue bath, suck each other's dick and fuck (and I must say I like it). After watching this movie you are going to want
a hot step brother!
 3.85 Stars!