Dirty Fuckers


Dirty Fuckers
2014 Hot House Video

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Johnny V, Sean Zevran, Jimmy Durano, Tommy Defendi, Ivan Gregory and Brian Bonds

    So the movie starts with Johnny V sucking on Sean Zevran's big hard cock. After sucking on Zevran's cock for about 5
minutes, it's time for Johnny V to relax and have his ass munched on. With all that ass eating it's no surprise when Zevran
starts fucking Johnny V (Johnny V takes a big dick real nice). Well next up we have Jimmy Durano and the return of Johnny
V (I guess his butthole didn't hurt enough after Zevran and he needed more). After Durano eats ass and sucks on Johnny V's
dick, it's time for Johnny V to get fucked again (my butthole is starting to hurt after all the pounding Johnny V is taking). Next
we have Brian Bonds' hole in front of us while he is sucking on Tommy Defendi's big dick. Because Defendi is a giver (he needs
to loosen that hole so he can get his dick in) he is munching on Bonds' ass before he starts fucking with his dick and then a big
dildo (they go back and forth). New scene, new dildo and Durano is using the dildo now on Ivan Gregory's ass. After everything
is stretched out a little, it's time for Durano to fuck Gregory with the real thing. This movie has no surprises... the guys who you
think are getting fucked do and the guys who do the fucking, do.
 3.7 Stars!