Diego Sans

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Diego Sans: I simply sent a few pics of mine to some websites and Randy Blue was the first one
to call me. They asked if I wanted to do a solo and I said yes. The next thing you know I’m hopping
on a flight to LA from San Francisco. After my first scene, they asked if I wanted to do two others,
one BJ with Chip Tanner and a flip scene with Nicco Sky. I had lost count of how many times I
had JO to Nicco, so I couldn’t say no to this offer. After that, it just continued.

TO: Are you a boxers or briefs kind of guy?
DS: Briefs. Never understood boxers.

TO: Was the first time you had sex with a boy or a girl?
DS: Boy. I’ve never had sex nor kissed a girl. I’m practically a unicorn.

TO: You have an amazing rimming scene in “Serial Sucker.” When did you first learn the pleasure
of a tongue?
DS: It was handed down from generation to generation in my family. I honestly don’t know when nor
where it happened. There’s just something about rimming that turns me on. Give me a round bubble
butt and I’ll eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner.

TO: Every movie and photo I have ever seen of you, it seems that you have a different hairstyle. How
often do you get a haircut?
DS: As you can tell, not very often. I really want a full ponytail. Did you not hear me? I’m a unicorn.
I need a ponytail.

TO: Is it difficult to stay “happy” with a film crew watching?
DS: No, not at all. I’ve been very lucky with the filming crew. I’ve always felt very well taken care
of and safe.

TO: How did you pick your porn name?
DS: My porn name was a name shouting contest that Randy won. I was doing a live web cam show at
Randy Blue a day before my scene and minutes before going online, we noticed I didn’t have a name.
Randy said Diego Sans and it stuck.

TO: What happens if there isn’t chemistry between you and a scene partner?
DS: I try to maintain as professional as possible. We’re not there to hook up and most of these models
are straight, making it even harder. To me, porn is creating a fantasy. If there’s no chemistry between
two models, fine. Just pretend there is for the viewer.

TO: Since you are coming to Chicago to co-host the Grabbys, the men of Chicago want to know, have
you ever slept with a fan?
DS: Yes. Oh my god, yes! Go ahead and alert the men in Chicago I’m looking for a husband.

TO: What can we look forward to be seeing you in 2016?
DS: Longer hair.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Diego?
DS: Twitter, RB_DiegoSans and Instagram, Diegosans.

This article ran in the May 17, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.