Dick Moves


Dick Moves
2015. Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Bravo Delta, Sebastian Kross, Boomer Banks, Brian Bonds, Mike De Marco, Chris Harder, Logan McCree

     The movie starts with Sebastian Cross being a dick (the boss’ son) and Mike De Marco, the employee who has to take
the shit. Well, for some reason, De Marco takes it along with Kross’ dick up his ass. The good news is that De Marco does
get revenge when Kross’ assistant Chris Harder brings his coffee in and it’s De Marco cream in his coffee! But being the good
pig boss’ son that Kross is, he then fucks Harder over his desk and on the stairs. Now it’s time for Boomer Banks, who wants
some meat on his pizza (watch the movie – you with get it), and my favorite tattooed stud Logan McCree. (Where have you
been?) After some ruff housing, McCree is on his knees with some meat in his mouth. Watching McCree stuff Boomer’s big
dick in his mouth is amazing! I have not seen McCree in a porn in years and he comes back to have big Boomer dick up his
ass – amazing! Well, new exclusive Bravo Delta also has a dick boss and his name is Brian Bonds and after Bonds sits in Delta’s
mess, Delta has to clean it up and lick it off his ass. The good news is that at least Delta gets to stick it to Bonds and fuck him
over the desk! The only thing that could have made this movie more entertaining is if De Marco and Harder would have fucked

  3.9 Stars!