Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick


Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick
2018. TitanMen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring Liam Knox, Hunter Marx, Hans Berlin, Michah Brandt, Tristen Jaxx, Derek Maxum, Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers

In the Hollywood Hills, we find Adam Ramzi who has a problem; he calls Dick Danger (Liam Knox) for help and he sends
Tristen Jaxx (like the grey in the beard) over. After a brief conversation, Jaxx is on his knees sucking Ramzi’s hard cock. Being
the good guy that Ramzi is, he takes his turn sucking Jaxx’s dick. (Has it gotten longer?) Once Jaxx starts munching ass, we know
that Ramzi is getting fucked. When Ramzi starts bouncing on Jaxx’s dick is when it really gets good. Dirk Danger still does not
know what is going on with Roadrash Ramzi so he is sending “Matches” Marx (Hunter Marx) in, but first he has to deal with
the Germans (Hans Berlin). So when we find the guys, they are already naked and humping on each other with Berlin enjoying
his play with Marx’s cock and then they start licking and sucking each other. So it finally happens, we find out who will top
when Berlin is butt-up. After Marx is done fucking Berlin, it’s Berlin’s turn with Marx. You know we love a good flip! Dirk Danger
is still trying to figure out what Roadrash Ramzi is up to but the are chatting and Danger finds out the Ramzi once hooked up
with D Max (Derek Maxum) and we get to watch the flashback. Maxum gets naked fast and we learn he has a big dick and when
it looks like they are going to fuck, Knox calls Ramzi and they talk about a similar situation. Then we with back with Knox and
Michah Brandt; we learn they like each other because they are making out and Brandt is on his knees sucking Knox’s dick. Later
we learn that Ramzi and Knox are just replaying a fantasy with each other. Back to business: We find Knox and Dakota Rivers
[woof] and we know they like each other when Rivers starts sucking Knox’s dick. The guys take turns but Dick Danger (Knox)
wants to get fucked! Fun movie and I pre-dick we will see part 3.

 3.85 Stars!