Dick Danger


Dick Danger
2014 Titanmen

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx, Jake Genesis, Scott Hunter, Rogan Richards and Tom Wolfe
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Readers, I love a man with an accent and when a movie starts with a hottie talking in his Australian accent...swing! This
is Rogan Richards and servicing him is the major daddy hunk Jesse Jackman. It must be a real good fuck because Jackman
looks a little cross-eyed with Richards fucking him. The real hot part is watching Jackman bounce (and bounce hard) on
Richard's dick. The next couple is Scott Hunter and Jake Genesis and Genesis tied up and hanging from a hook is kind of hot.
The nice hunk that Hunter is, Genesis is not hanging from the ceiling for long and let's him down for playtime (and getting naked
time). After some sucking fun, it's time for Genesis to take it like a man. It's great to see the return of Tom Wolfe and the lucky
man to suck his dick is Scott Hunter (and he gets a hot fucking from Wolfe also). If you like manly men this movie is for you.
 3.9 Stars!