2016. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Bruno Bernal, FX Rios, Aaron Reeae, Bennett Anthony, Bruce Beckham, Brogan Reed, Tegan Zayne,
Spencer Whitman and Gabriel Taurus

   Welcome to the RSS Destroyer, a ship full of hot and hungry seaman who must turn to each other for sexual release. Bennett
Anthony doesn't lift a finger to help shipmates FX Rios and Aaron complete their cargo unloading job... he has something
else in mind like sucking their dicks and letting FX and Aaron tag-team him. Next we find Bruce Beckham and Brogan Reed
with Drill Sargent Beckham who is not happy that Reed's porn and jocks are all over the place. Drill Sargent Beckham  makes
him clean his hole to keep him inline (Reed please eat out my ass like that) before it's time to suck Beckham's cock (and he sure
has a nice one). Up til this point Reed has been doing all the work, but if Beckham is going to fuck Reed he has some ass eating
to do. After they fuck watch for Reed to cum... it's impressive! Now if you're a man who likes fur, you need to check out the flip
fuck with Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman as they leave the boiler room with their fur drenched in sweat and cum. And then
there's Gabriel Taurus with his big fat cock and Bruno Bernal who likes servicing it before taking it for a ride. If you ever had a
fantasy for a man in uniform this movie is for you.

 3.85 Stars!