Desert Getaway


Desert Getaway
2016. Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Ryan Rose, JJ Knight, Sebastian Kross, Jacob Peterson, Jonah Fontana, Gabriel Cross and Derek Bolt

   I know, I miss summer too. All I can say is thank you Falcon for my desert getaway! Like many of us, a group of friends
rent a house in the desert and Jacob Peterson and Jonah Fontana are the first to arrive. The problem is they don't have
the keys to get in. Don't worry, they get busy on the patio and Peterson might be the first to get is dick sucked and ass eaten
(Peterson is the Falcon exclusive), but the tan and sexy Fontana is the one who has my motor running. Fontana is the first
to fuck and baby he is having fun with Peterson's ass... good thing they flip so Fontana's ass can take a licking. The next to
arrive are Ryan Rose and pocket sized Gabriel Cross (ID check please). After a nice walk in the desert, they need to take a
hot outdoor shower to scrub off all that desert dirt. Well scrubbing leads to dick sucking, and that means Rose has his dick
up Cross' ass. We all know Ryan Rose is a horny man, so later that day after JJ Knight has arrived these two horny men
get busy! While Rose and Knight are 69ing, Rose is pushing his ass in Knight's face for some butt munching. Rose is begging
for it so it's no surprise when the Knight stick starts pounding on Rose's ass, but it's when they flip when this scene really
heats up. Being the sex pig that Rose is, he has to have one more ride on Knight's big dick! Up until this part of the movie
every actor has flip fucked, now it's time for Sebastian Kross and JJ Knight. Do you think it will happen? Kross is the first
to have his butt munched and he seems to really like it. Knight then puts his big dick close to some Kross ass... but chickens
out. I guess Kross is just not man enough.
 3.8 Stars!