Depths of Focus


Depths of Focus
2017. Hot House Video
Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Sean Zevran, Johnny V, Michah Brandt, Alexander Volkov, Austin Wolf, Derek Bolt, Jordan Boss, Jacob Taylor
and Gabriel Cross

This movie has a plot so let's introduce you to our cast. First we have Austin Wolf who is the photographer, Gabriel Cross
is the production assistant and Alexander Volkov (where have you been all my life you sexy man?) is the model. Wolf decides
that he wants a closed set and then the photo's start. We find Volkov in a number of sexy outfits, but when he ends in a jockstrap
with a hard dick I think Wolf needs to stop the shoot and play with it! Once they start making out assistant Cross joins in and we
have a threeway! Let's just say the guys are giving Volkov a tongue bath and hand job, but Volkov is the first on his knees and
Wolf is first to get his dick sucked. But Volkov is friendly and sucks on Cross' dick. Bent over a stool, Volkov is also first to get
fucked by Wolf and he becomes monkey in the middle because then Volkov gets to fuck Cross. While the set was closed, production
assistants Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss (these guys are hot!) use their break to start some steamy action of their own. After some
dick sucking from both Taylor and Boss, we all know it's Taylor who is going to be fucking Boss (but that's okay because we like it)!
Next we meet up with Sean Zevran who has a fitting with Derek Bolt. After a measurement or two, we know what's on Zevran's
mind... to have Bolt suck his dick and then fuck him! Back on the set we find models Johnny V and Micah Brandt who are having
one hot photo-shoot and when finished they go back to their dressing room where they're hot and bothered once they get naked.
Brandt fucks Johnny every which way and more!

 3.85 Stars!