Deep Release


Deep Release
2016. Falcon

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Brent Corrigan, Ryan Rose, JJ Knight, Sean Zevran, Colt Rivers, Jason Maddox, Brandon Rivers, Brendan
Phillips, Alexander Volkov

   As I start this movie, all I can think is if this is what a masseur looks like, sign me up! The very naked Brent Corrigan
(welcome back!) is at the spa and getting out of a relaxing tub only to be greeted by his masseur, Jason Maddox. Once
Maddox starts rubbing on Corrigan's ass, it's seconds before his hands are on his dick. After some major butt munching
by Maddox, you just know he is the one who is going to be doing the fucking. After awhile of fun, Maddox asks Corrigan
to fuck him... but it's Corrigan's final ride on Maddox dick that will get you off. Over at the hot tubs we have Colt Rivers
and JJ Knight eagerly getting each other off with major loads in each other's face. Next to arrive at the spa is the hunky
Alexander Volkov and he has Ryan Rose as a masseur. After Volkov gets undressed (does anyone use a modesty towel
anymore?!) Rose starts rubbing and ends up with a few fingers up Volkov's ass... and his has on Volkov's dick. Once
Rose gets naked it's Volkov's turn to play with and then fuck Rose. Let's be honest, Rose is one of the best versatile
performers in porn, so you know he wants a turn on Volkov's muscle ass and he takes it! Brandon Rivers' next client is
Sean Zevran, who does have a modesty towel on but it does't last long because Rivers gives his client the full service. Now
Brendan Phillips arrives to get his next client, JJ Knight, who will be getting a full body salt scrub. Once Knight makes a
move on Phillips, Knight gets the full treatment including dick sucking, ass eating and fucking. After watching this movie,
you will be making an appointment at the spa!

 3.8 Stars!