Deep Inside Part 1


Deep Inside Part 1
2012 Falcon

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Paddy O'Brian, Angelo Marconi, Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, Andrew Justice, Johnny Ryder, Mitchell Rock and Tate Ryder
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Once a year it seems like Falcon takes their boys on vacation and make a movie. Last year it was the "Other Side of Aspen 6"
and this year its "Deep Inside." In this movie we are treated to a beautiful relaxing resort where they have hot sex! First up we have
Paddy O'Brian and Angelo Marconi and to have sex in this shower is a luxury I want. Paddy O'Brian is the new guy (at RSS/Falcon)
that seems to be everywhere lately and he is paired with Maconi giving us two of the juicest asses in gay porn! After they are humping
and bumping in the shower, it's time for them to have balcony sex. I have watched Marconi have a lot of sex on film in the last few years,
and I have never heard such hot sex noises come out of this man untill O'Brian. After fucking on the balcony, they need to go into their
room and have bedroom sex and lucky Marconi gets fucked by O'Brian silly again! Next up Mitchell Rock (where have you been?) needs
a massage at this very cool resort and gets Landon Conrad (in the goofiest robe) to rub him down and for an extra treat suck him off and
go deep inside him! I need to share with you readers -- please take note of Conrad's facial hair and chest's new and kind of hot! I
find this next scene with Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder in this really cool bath tub hot! While in the tub they get to know each other's
bodies better and let me just say Ryder has the hottest lips and when a dick is between them...shwing. While watching them, Ducati and
Ryder are having more than sex. There is a very hot connection filled with passion and we are then lucky enough to watch them fuck each
other. The good man that Ducati is he lets Ryder fuck him first (don't you love a good flip fuck?). This next scene I found kind of funny
because if you know Andrew Justice (where have you been?) the idea of Johnny Ryder trying to give Justice yoga lessons is just funny.
Justice must have found it silly also because the next thing you know Ryder is sucking his dick. I have to say there is something very sexy
about Johnny Ryder because you will want to give him a tounge bath and then fuck him. Adrew Justice goes right to the fucking and the
amount of cum that comes out of Ryder is amazing! After watching this movie all I want to ask director Steve Cruz is where is this resort
and how can I get a reservation!
 3.9 Stars!