Deep Examination


Deep Examination
2015. Hot House

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Chris Bines, Alex Mecum, Bruno Bernal, Colt Rivers, Hugh Hunter, Rocco Steele and Seamus O'Reilly

    Hot House is taking us to the doctor's office with some hot medical staff and patients. First Bruno Bernal is having some
problems with his boyfriend's big dick and luckily for him he goes to Dr. Rocco Steele for help. Dr. Steele's diagnosis? If
Bernal can take his dick he will be just fine (let's just say Dr. Steele fucks Bruno every which way and Sunday!). Next up
we have Dr. Chris Bines who usually brings his new male nurses in early and fucks them over the desk, but that was before
he met Nurse Alex Mecum. Now it's Nurse Mecum who does the fucking! First Dr. Bines has to suck Nurse Mecum's dick
and eat his ass, but don't worry, Nurse Mecum is kind and eats Dr. Bines' ass before he fucks him. Then new patient Seamus
O'Reily needs a physical and Hugh Hunter is the doctor. Maybe it's just me, but O'Reily seems to be in a rush to get down to
his underwear. Good thing Dr. Hunter gives a very thorough examination of the groin area before examining O'Reily's butt
with his tongue, followed by a major pounding with his dick. If you have ever had a fantasy about your doctor, this movie is
for you.

 3.8 Stars!