Deep Dicking


Deep Dicking
2013 Lucas Entertainment

Directed by Adam Killian, Chris Crisco, and Laura Macrow
Starring: Landon Conrad, Jonathan Agassi, Armando De Armas, Jed Athens, Joey Banks, Hans Berlin, Justin Cruise,
Sean Xavier and Dominic Pacifico.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

     Jonathan Agassi is out in Londan and needs to take a piss just when Landon Conrad walks by and likes it (so romantic).
Well they find a warehouse and get naked in a van. What is hot about these two pro's is that if you are going to give, you have
to take, and these two are hot flip fuckers. So how far will you go for a good fuck? Armando De Armas goes from Cuba to
New York to get a piece of Jed Athens (I hope it was good). From what I saw, it was well worth De Armas's trip to New York
because he fucks the shit out of Athans. Vito Gallo is one hot man and newbie Joey Banks it the lucky boy to find out how hot.
After tearing each other's clothes off, Banks gets to suck on Vito's big cock (my jaw hurt). Hans Berlin likes it rough and Justin
Cruise can take it. Cruise is hot, and all I can say is show me more of him because I like watching him get fucked. Have you ever
seen Sean Xavier's big dick? Well it's huge and while in the park he finds Dominic Pacifico and takes him home (I just hope they
have lube). After they get naked, Pacifico stays so I guess he can take it! Pacifico not only takes it like a man, he takes it like a
pro and you are going to love it. This is a sexy movie with men who know how to use their big dicks.

 3.9 Stars!