Danny Montero

(Photos Courtesy of cockyboys.com)

Tom Olah: Was the first person you ever had sex with a boy or a girl? How old were you?
Danny Montero: The first time I had sex, I was 19 years old and it was with a guy.

TO: How old were you when you saw your first porn movie?
DM: I think I was like 14 and I saw it at a friend’s house. Another friend came later and brought the movie. It was straight porn and we all sat there
watching it. Nothing exciting happened after that.

TO: How did you first get into porn?
DM: I was on a trip the first time I was approached about doing porn. I was backpacking and some random guy brought it up. I thought it was a joke,
something that my friends had set up, but it turned out to be real.

TO: What was your first time on the set like? Who was your first scene partner?
DM: My first time on set was very weird. I had no experience at all and was afraid to mess things up. I had a lot on my mind and was super-nervous.
I can’t remember the name of the other actor but he was hot and very sweet. He had done some scenes before so he knew how to move me and all that.

TO: You are in amazing shape. What is your workout schedule like?
DM: Well, thank you [smiles]. I used to hit the gym three to five days a week but recently I started a six-day workout. I am loving it so far but by the
fifth day, I get so tired. It’s always a challenge working out on the sixth day.

TO: What do you think the biggest misconception people have about people who do porn?
DM: I think a lot of people think that if you’re a porn star, you are also an escort. They also think our lives are full of sex and parties.

TO: You are a hot sexy man whom I believe is getting some. Do you still masturbate?
DM: [Laughs] Of course. I love a good jerk-off session by myself or with somebody[smiles].

TO: What did your friends say when you first started doing porn?
DM: My best friend couldn’t believe it. He was so shocked, but not in a bad way. Some of my friends are straight guys and they were asking about
the girls. They were cool when I told them it was gay porn, but they still make fun about it every once in a while.

TO: Does the family know?
DM: Yes, they do. They have supported me so much with every decision I’ve made, including porn.

TO: Who is your fantasy porn star that you want to film a scene with?
DM: I have so many [laughs]. I would love to do a scene with Diego Sans. He’s so hot!

TO: What can we look forward seeing you in this year?
DM: I have a couple scenes coming out soon and will be doing a couple of live shows. I’ll probably take things slow until summer, but will see.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Danny Montero?
DM: I’m always on Instagram (@xdannymonteroxx) or Twitter (@dannymonteroxxx).

This article ran in the May 1, 2018 Issue of GRAB Magazine.