Damon Heart

(Photos Courtesy of Lucas Entertainment)

Tom Olah: Where did you grow up?
Damon Heart: I grew up in the city of Ghent, a historical city in Belgium. After I
hassled around a bit throughout Belgium, I ended up staying in Antwerp. However,
the next step will probably be to move to another country.

TO: Growing up, were you a naked child?
DH: Not at all! I was a very shy and timid person. As my sexuality developed, so
came my extravert behavior. It was all locked up too long and it ended it in a big
explosion, going from colored hair to dancing Latin American.

TO: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl? How old were you?
DH: Oh, that is already a very long time ago – decades! I remember being very young,
some would even say too young. However, to answer your question, the first person I
ever had sex with was a boy. (Although I experienced sex with a girl afterwards and
realized quickly that it was not entirely for me.)

TO: How did you first get into porn?
DH: Well, it took me 12 years to decide whether I was going to make the jump. Eventually,
I sent my pictures to Chi Chi LaRue. Since they never replied and since I had a boyfriend
at the time, I remained in a grey area.
      This all came together after my last relationship. After the break-up, I asked myself
what it was that I would really want to do. I made up my mind and decided to share my
plans with a girlfriend of mine. Her response went a little ballistic while she was yelling,
“You have two options then. Either you shut up about it for the rest of your life or you are
going to apply as soon as possible!”
      Thinking about it now, it was probably the fact that I knew that I could not shut up
about it for the rest of my life that got me there. Anyway, the day after, I found myself calling
a photographer, making photos and mailing them to two companies. From there, it all went
very fast.

TO: Who was your first scene partner, and what was your first day on the set like?
DH: My arrival on set was a bit awkward. The production manager forgot that a “new one”
would be joining too. After I arrived at the hotel, I met one of the other models who was going
to be my roommate. Unfortunately, he was sleeping and snoring very loud. Since it was not even
evening yet, I got a bit bored and decided to turn on my Grindr. Logged in, I almost immediately
received a message of Zander Craze asking me to meet him for dinner. He told me we were shooting
a scene together. After all pairings changed and changed, I didn’t have a clue anymore about who I
was to be shooting with.
      When I finally arrived at the set that day, I was introduced to Letterio, a big muscled guy. He
remains the biggest guy that I ever had sex with. Luckily for me, I like every type of guy. However,
I remember being so nervous. You can’t even imagine. I was all shaky and all. It was Michael Lucas
himself who calmed my nerves and gave me a pep talk. Since Letterio took the lead during our scene,
I just had to follow. That made it considerably easier for me. The day after, when I shot a scene with
Zander and Viktor, I realized this experience was going to be one hell of a ride.

TO: What did your friends say when you told them you are making porn?
DH: When I finally decided to make porn, I went to all my good friends and told them about my plans.
I was convinced that as soon as the news about me making porn would hit, the people in Antwerp gossip
would rise. Also I was sure that people would speak their mind to my close friends instead of to me directly.
This was the reason I wanted to tell them first myself. Of course I was also curious about their opinions.
It turned out that I could not have wished for better friends since they were very supportive from the
beginning. A few of them even follow the Lucas Entertainment website. Another one’s reaction even grew
out to be a returning quote: “I will not watch it, however, I will support you from top to bottom!’

TO: What has been the biggest misconception that people have about those who work in porn?
DH: The general opinion about people working in porn is that they have to be sex addicts, sexual traumatized
people, people who are in desperate need of money or people who are not capable of doing anything else.
Well, this opinion could not be more wrong. Since I started working in porn, I have met the most interesting,
talented people, an extreme variety of different types of people, except that they all have one thing in common:
They all share a passionate feeling about sex and they are all dedicated to take their sexual awareness and
experience to another level. While at the same time they share their growth with like-minded others. Working
in porn does not make a person less human or less respected, on the contrary. In my opinion, it is very simple;
although porn is universally watched by society, it is, at the same time, the same society that misunderstands
people who make it. Of course, things are developing in a positive way. Yet there is always space for growth.

TO: Dream scene partner for you?
DH: That’s easy … the one and only Liam Riley, even though I don’t watch his porn. I don’t want to watch
it since I don’t want to ruin my idea about how it would be. I was swept away by a picture of him … He looks
so amazing and cute.

TO: You are up for a number of Grabby nominations at this year’s Grabbys. What did you think when you
found out?
DH: I was stunned … completely bedazzled! I never actually expected it, although I was hoping that
Barebackula would get nominated. But to be nominated myself is a great honor.

TO: If you had a choice, which award would you like to win and why?
DH: That’s a difficult question. Although I secretly wish for us to take them all home, I would be really
happy with any of them, I think Best Actor and Best Versatile would be a big reward for me and my work
personally. Where Best Duo is more a reward for the team.

TO: Any truth to the rumor that you will be attending the 2017 Grabbys?
DH: I am very please to inform you that it is not a rumor. After I received the news of the nominations, I
booked my flight instantly. A considerable amount of colleagues are nominated and Barabackula has nine
nominations on its own. Therefore, I feel that I should be there.

TO: For all your fans in Chicago I have to ask, have you ever slept with a fan?
DH: Yes, I did … even more than once to be honest.

TO: What can we look forward to see you in this year?
DH: To be honest, I don’t know. I think I have finished all of my scenes with Lucas Entertainment . I can
tell you that there are some offers on the table. The last two years with Lucas Entertainment have been
wonderful. I am very grateful for the chances and experiences they offered me. So, for the moment, I don’t
have a clear plan for the future. Maybe I will extend my contract, maybe I won’t, but you can be sure of this:
I will continue to make porn, with storylines and some other artistic influences.

TO: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Damon Heart?
DH: Twitter (@damon_heart_a) is the easiest to get in contact with me and they are more than welcome to
follow me on Instagram (Damonheart11).

This article ran in the April 4, 2017 Issue of GRAB Magazine.