Daddy’s Play Thing


Daddy’s Play Thing
2018. Lucas Entertainment
Directed by Michael Lucas
Starring Nick Capra, Devin Franco, Manuel Skye, Dylan James, Ben Batemen Dakota Payne, Rod Fogo, Gordie Jackson,
Dante Lauro and Michael Lucas

Are you the Daddy or are you the play thing? Well, Devin Franco has a thing for a mature cock up his ass. First Franco
needs a rubdown from Daddy Nick Capra; FYI: Franco likes his ass played with. So the massage does not last for long
because Capra need to sniff and lick on Franco’s armpit which means everyone has to get naked [shocked face]; all good
Daddies like their dicks sucked and Franco is happy to comply. When it was time for the eating of ass, Capra was like a dog
in heat – munching on Franco’s juicy ass. I have to say Franco can take a pounding (he did win a Grabby last year for hottest
bottom). When Capra was licking up Franco’s cum, it was hot! In the next scene, we find Dylan James getting out of the shower
(hard as a rock) finding sexy Daddy Manuel Skye in his bed. After a phone call, we find Ben Batemen at the door ready for
action because Skye is taking Bateman’s clothes off on his way to bed. Once everyone is naked, we learn that everyone has really
nice, hard dicks. After everyone takes turns sucking dick, it’s time for Bateman’s hairy ass to have a tongue in it; Skye is the
man for the job. It’s no secret that James and Skye are going to fuck Batemen but when they double-team him, this is a trick
you are going to want to learn. Finally, we find Michael Lucas naked in bed with young Dante Lauro. He likes to suck a big dick
and Lucas looks like a lucky man. It’s no shock when you see Lucas fuck Dante (he really likes it); Lucas goes all in and the kid
can take it. The way that Dante bounces on Lucas’ dick is amazing and Dante takes it all. I will say the scene gets hotter when
they take things out to the patio for Dante to continue to bounce. If you are a Daddy or want a Daddy, this movie is for you.

 3.9 Stars!